In our approach to creating your complete supply chain, we fully integrate the fiscal and financial management aspects, including VAT, purchase order management, RMA and insurance, finetuned to meet your needs and requirements.

Fiscal Representation

Gain a significant liquidity advantage by authorizing us as your fiscal representative. Following a thorough assessment, Share 4PL and our affiliated Tax/VAT lawyer can advise you on the most favorable options, and save you money on the overall supply chain.

VAT registration and Fiscal Representation allow EU and non-EU companies to make use of and benefit from all of the facilities of the Dutch VAT system as a gateway into the EU, without having to register for any other tax purpose. We provide you with tailored VAT solutions, to launch your products in the EU in the most effective and efficient way.

Typical fiscal activities include:

  • Preventing your company from pre-financing the import VAT
  • Offering your customers “worry-free” deliveries, without complex customs and VAT protocols
  • Selling your products and carrying out administration for your business as if you were an EU company
  • Putting together your periodic VAT declarations

Purchase order management

Let Share 4PL keep track of your purchases locally and globally. We keep you up to date on the order status through our customised web tools so you can untroubled focus on your next steps.

On your behalf we can organize:

  • Purchase Order Monitoring
  • Vendor scheduling
  • Inspection of quality, safety & performance
  • Assessment of your vendors with respect to your mutually agreed Service level Agreement
  • VAT compliance and financial administrative support
  • Support with legal documents and certificates
  • RMA / Reverse Logistics

Subcontractor management

We make sure your cashflow and profits are optimized. Our extensive IT systems keep continuous track of your products. Payment management and payment conditions are an important aspect in the optimization of the supply chain network. Share 4PL negotiates the best payment conditions, optimizing your profits. We continuously measure our suppliers on both their input and output. All of our suppliers are assessed and contracted in accordance with our ISO/AEO philosophy.

Insurance and claims

Share 4PL analyzes risks in the supply chain that could threaten your business. We provide all the information you need to make the right decisions regarding risk management and insurance. We organize, implement and maintain risk management through the use of customized insurance solutions, preventive measures and by involving the necessary expertise. Based on the profile you require, we put in place all of the means necessary to protect your products and your business.

Smart webtools for end-to-end visibility

Our in-house designed and tailored web tools manage your entire supply chain, upstream and downstream. They provide you with full transparency in a highly effective way.

Transparant cost structure

Thanks to our management tools, we can deliver better control and greater insight into volumes, demand, timing, etc. enabling you to significantly improve your forecasting.