The market for MedTech and aesthetics-technology is typically a highly dispersed customer network with complex distribution. The high-value products are often fragile and highly customizable.


Our specialists know what’s needed to design the optimum distribution and VAT roadmaps for your multiple purchase and sales platform. We offer bespoke sales and fulfilment packages to companies wishing to break into the EU market once the CE Mark has been granted. Roll-out is the next step in increasing the value of the brand.

Share 4PL has vast experience in optimizing logistics, including warehousing, providing best-in-class services and regulatory compliance. And our smart management tools help optimize revenues.

Our team of specialists develop and continuously optimize your supply chain network and cashflow. To safeguard your customer’s satisfaction, we find the perfect fit for your door-to-door transport. We find integrated warehousing and take care of the complete e-fulfilment for your business. High-value security and safety measures are put into place to protect your reputation.

Adding value

We take care of the complete supply chain:

  • VAT road-map design/redesign for your multiple purchase and sales platform
  • Fiscal representation, VAT compliance and administration
  • Door-to-door transport
  • Warehousing
  • Rework and reconfiguration
  • Repacking for retail
  • Technical service & repair
  • Technical event services

VAT compliance and administration

Optimizing the flow of goods also means optimizing your cashflow. We design the VAT roadmap to maximize revenues for you and your customers. And we take care of all the necessary documentation and administration. Our customized web tools enable you to access the order status 24/7, while focusing on the next steps for your business.

Optimizing your logistics

In our approach, we integrate the design of your logistics route and fiscal operations. The most efficient way may not always be the most effective option. Share 4PL takes into account all of the relevant drivers that will ultimately enable you to be successful for your customer. Our fast and clear reports provide you with all of the management information you need to run your business and to stay in control.

Strategic deployment

We start by designing the optimum supply chain for your specific products and markets. This includes the selection of the right location for your distribution activities. This important decision is key to your success. Depending on the location of your customer base, the main criteria when deciding where to locate your hub should be offset against the generic flows that apply for logistics: physical flow / data flow / document flow and cashflow, including VAT.

We work closely with you and our affiliated VAT and customs lawyers to design or redesign your distribution channels. Taking into account all aspects that make up your value proposition, we work to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Management and optimization

Supply chain management is a continuous process.  This is why we are constantly monitoring all new developments in regulations, product requirements, transport options and short-term notices such as strikes. Our integrated IT system is at the heart of our services, providing all the data necessary for you and for us. This data helps ensure your products are delivered in time and in line with requirements.

Smart webtools for end-to-end visibility

Our in-house designed and tailored web tools manage your entire supply chain, upstream and downstream. They provide you with full transparency in a highly effective way.

Transparant cost structure

Thanks to our management tools, we can deliver better control and greater insight into volumes, demand, timing, etc. enabling you to significantly improve your forecasting.