Our team of specialists know what it takes to proactively navigate you through the landscape of customs regulations and VAT compliance in Europe.

VAT services and compliance

In close consultation with our VAT services team, we design your roadmap into Europe in a way that maximizes benefits and minimizes financial exposure for you and your customers, while at the same time optimizing cashflow. We identify the compliance requirements and specific regulations related to your products, and so make compliance manageable.

Our customs clearance experts can advise you on complying with EU customs regulations and how to work with the right declared value, tariffs and duties. Let us help you set up a well-thought-out customs strategy, and get your goods to the European market without costly unnecessary delays.

AEO and C-TPAT certification

Our design of customs clearance processes complies with the strict rules governing safety and security. As our customer, your products enjoy a fast green line at the border crossing and reduced customs inspections, ensuring rapid market availability at reduced costs.

Fiscal Representation

Obtain a significant liquidity advantage by authorizing us to be your fiscal representative. After a thorough assessment, Share 4PL and our affiliated tax/VAT lawyer can advise you on the most favorable options, and save you money on the overall supply chain.

VAT registration and Fiscal Representation allow EU and non-EU companies to make use of and benefit from all of the facilities of the Dutch VAT system as a gateway into the EU, without having to register for any other tax purposes. We provide you with tailored VAT solutions to launch your products in the EU, in the most effective and efficient way.

Typical activities

  • Preventing your company from pre-financing the import VAT
  • Offering your customers “worry-free” deliveries, without complex customs and VAT protocols
  • Selling your products and carrying out administration for your business as if you were an EU company
  • Putting together your periodic VAT declarations

The Netherlands as your entry to European markets

Benefit from the power of the most influential distribution hub in Europe. Holland is the true gateway to Europe, connecting straight to the hinterland.

Smart webtools for end-to-end visibility

Our in-house designed and tailored web tools manage your entire supply chain, upstream and downstream. They provide you with full transparency in a highly effective way.