Datacenters and high-tech hardware

Share 4PL understands the needs and requirements of the high-tech and electronics industry. Your objective is to develop, market and sell your innovative products. It is ours to help make you successful by handling all of your logistics challenges.

MedTech and aesthetics-technology

The market for MedTech and aesthetics-technology is typically a highly dispersed customer network with complex distribution. The high-value products are often fragile and highly customizable. We know what it takes to design the roadmap Europe.

Agro and clean tech

Agrotech demands a flexible approach and an ability to come up with out-of-the-box solutions. Seasonality, odd dimensions, remote areas and a considerable variety of vendors and products are among the many challenges we can solve for you.

Telecommunication and networks

We can ship, store and install your industrial transceivers, generators and networking equipment, and make sure your high-value equipment is handled with precision at all times. We take care of your logistics by designing your optimum supply chain, including VAT compliance, documentation and technical handling.

Cosmetics and cosmeceuticals

Our team has all the expertise regarding the careful, skilled handling required to maintain the quality and appearance of your product. We also know how to safeguard deliveries to retailers during holidays and in the case of special requirements.