Carefully selecting carriers and transloading facilities is our specialty. We continuously measure our suppliers on both their input and their output. All our suppliers are assessed and contracted in accordance with our ISO/AEO philosophy.

Design and deployment

Analyzing big data enables us to continuously improve performance by creating a safe environment whereby Root Cause Analysis and Preventive Actions are an integral part of the deal.

Our operational systems and web tools are designed to optimize the administration of your orders, finance and revenues rather than only your shipments. As such, closed loop visibility of your total supply chain network is available from the time of inception till the moment your goods have been delivered. This not only gives you complete transparency, it also highlights cost inefficiencies and identifies the most efficient solutions in the chain.

Tailored logistics and distribution

In close co-operation with our experienced suppliers, we deliver tailored transport services by air, ocean, waterways and over land, worldwide and door-to-door. Solutions offered can vary from simple freight forwarding to complex operations. Optimizing all of the activities around information, materials and cashflow is our key discipline.

When we develop programs, we look into various service levels, offering different delivery times, routings, handling procedures, return logistics services and price levels. This makes it easy to meet any need you may have in today’s dynamic production and service environments.

Share 4PL enjoys partnerships with leading ocean carriers and airlines, contracting allocations on a variety of their routes to manage capacity in line with demand.

Anything, anywhere anytime

  • Air freight
  • Ocean freight
  • Rail freight
  • Road freight
  • Express delivery
  • Out of Gauge


Benefit from our knowledge of available warehousing in Europe and transloading facilities anywhere in the world.

We have in-depth data on available European warehouses, services and possibilities. If there is no suitable solution available for your product, we organize completely new setups designed to optimize your access to European markets.

When integrating a warehouse in your supply chain, we organize all the data regarding capacity, safety, security, loading and unloading materials, costs and special characteristics, such as the correct storage requirements, moisture-resistance, dangerous goods facilities, etc. Thanks to our extensive Smart Tools, you have continuous insight into your business, documentation and financial information.

Storage and transloading

  • Quality inspection programs
  • Line item checking
  • Packaging inspections
  • Packing or repacking
  • Consolidation
  • Assembly
  • Repairs and RMA
  • Stock management
  • Rework, kitting

Smart webtools for end-to-end visibility

Our in-house designed and tailored web tools manage your entire supply chain, upstream and downstream. They provide you with full transparency in a highly effective way.

Transparant cost structure

Thanks to our management tools, we can deliver better control and greater insight into volumes, demand, timing, etc. enabling you to significantly improve your forecasting.