Share 4PL is a provider of tailor-made solutions covering all of the challenges that you could face regarding your supply chain into Europe. Thanks to our complete range of options, we can optimize your financial and physical supply chain, and provide you with complete control and full insight into your European markets.

Situated in the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Share 4PL is located right in the heart of the most influential and modern logistics center in Europe, providing access to all modes of transport, people and intelligence.

Our team of specialists develop and continuously optimize your supply chain network and revenues. Share 4PL is your one point of control when it comes to organizing and executing all of the aspects in logistics that are needed for the smooth market access of your product. Thanks to our focus on product leadership, we make sure we get the best out of your trade into Europe, including financial aspects, VAT, compliance, documentation, and the organization of services such as repairs, assembly, etc.

Independent and non-asset operation

At Share 4PL, we don't have wheels, airplanes, vessels or warehouses. This allows us to independently select the service providers that best fit your product.

We are an independent part of Share Logistics, a family-owned logistics (3PL) specialist with offices around the world. Share Logistics operates as a logistics broker. As part of Share Logistics, our clients benefit from a wide range of volume contracts and networks, to realize substantial cost reductions and gain immediate access to logistics expertise.

About Share Logistics

Share Logistics is a family-owned logistics partner. As a mid-size global forwarder, with offices around the world, their scale of operations provides efficiency and flexibility. For more information, visit their website at

Fourth Party Logistics

4PL refers to “Fourth Party Logistics”, a term used for a logistics provider who offers a complete supply chain solution by integrating the resources and competences of various service providers. Share 4PL acts as your strategic partner and works to continuously optimize your supply chain, keeping a clear overview of your entire supply chain into Europe and providing you with all the management information you need.

Transparant cost structure

Thanks to our management tools, we can deliver better control and greater insight into volumes, demand, timing, etc. enabling you to significantly improve your forecasting.

Design of your EU supply chain

In our design or redesign of your European supply chain networks, Share 4PL takes into account all of the drivers that ultimately enable you to be successful toward your customer.